This is our program to support local Tucson organizations. We will be printing shirts and shipping them, you select the organization you want to support 50% of all #hereforgoodtucson shirts will go to that organization. 

The more shirts that are sold the more organizations in Tucson will be supported. We ask that you and those organizations share this this link regularly to keep the support going. 

We will update the page every day or two to keep everyone updated on the progress being made for their favorite organizations. 

Legacy Spirit Wear Orders

Let's start 2021 with a discount. Any order with 2 or more items will have a 21% discount automatically applied. Discounts can not be applied to previous orders. This discount expires on January 31, 2021.

Current order processing times for orders is 5-7 days from order to shipped depending on our suppliers and which warehouses we have to order from. We are seeing shipping delays by USPS on orders.

Any questions please feel free to reach out, we work hard to reply within a few hours.