This is our program to support local Tucson organizations. We will be printing shirts and shipping them, you select the organization you want to support 50% of all #hereforgoodtucson shirts will go to that organization. 

The more shirts that are sold the more organizations in Tucson will be supported. We ask that you and those organizations share this this link regularly to keep the support going. 

We will update the page every day or two to keep everyone updated on the progress being made for their favorite organizations. 

Legacy Spirit Wear Orders

We are still working through a large number of orders. Please limit inquires about status of your order while we work through these, currently we are running about 16-18 days from ordered to shipped. These times are approximate and may change based on volume. 

We will be finishing with orders placed by 9/28/2020(order #2275) by end of day 10/25/2020. On average we ship 100+ orders a week. 

On all orders please check your junk/spam folder for your order confirmation. Due to being sent from an automated mail server, some email providers flag them. Mark us as safe so you get all future confirmations and shipping emails. 

Please be aware, due to the pandemic, most clothing mills (production of items) were closed for extended times. This has caused intermittent supply issues. The vast majority of items we make are in stock, periodically we run into a size or color out of stock nationwide, in these cases we use items from the same brand or as close to the garment make up as possible.